Amusing night of poker

Last night a few of us went to Lucky Chances for a night of poker. It was the first time I’d been there in about a year. I was a pleasantly surprised to learn that they have very few limit games anymore. I know that people only want to play no limit nowadays, but previously they’d been pretty resistant to running so many no limit games(I hear that limit games are much more profitable for the house). But last night, they had many 2-3-5 spread limit and 1-1-2 spread limit tables. The spread limit means that it’s not technically no-limit, but you can only bet between the minimum and $200. I still haven’t exactly figured out why there’s a $200 cap, but at least at the San Jose card rooms, there was a city imposed limit that the bet size could not exceed $200. The last time I was there, I remember having to wait more than 2 hours to get into the small spread limit game and it was so annoying that we had given up and just played 6/12.

I sit down at a 1-1-2 game and buy in for the max of $200 and I don’t to do a lot for about a half hour. Later I switch to the table where my friends are at and my first hand I get aces and I bust a short stack for about $60. Things continue for a while and I continue to get good cards and I start to build a reasonable size stack. We amused ourselves by trying to bet prime numbers

Later on in the night we see Adam Morrison walk through the tables. Earlier in the night, he and the Charlotte Bobcats were soundly defeated by the Golden State Warriors and I guess he figured he’d use some of his down time and come in to play some cards. After my friends left, I switched over to Adam’s table because he was playing 1-1-2 as well. It didn’t take long to realize that he wasn’t playing very well. In the 2-3 hours I played with him, he rebought 5 or 6 times for $100. It seems like he has the capability and understanding to play reasonably, but it’s kind of chump change for a guy whose NBA contract pays $3mil/year. So it’s not a huge surprise that he doesn’t play like the money means something to him. He made a number of bad preflop calls, quite a few questionable chases and showed a couple bluffs and generally didn’t play well.

I didn’t play that great either, there was quite a bit of money flowing around the table and because I wasn’t getting good cards at Adam’s table, I played a bit looser than I normally do so I bled faster than I would like. It was the kind of game where preflop pots are big and to take down a pot, you need to bet the pot twice after the flop to get people to fold. So I was trying to see some flops for cheap and flop a big hand.

I ended the night +67 which wasn’t very impressive considering the action. I also missed another prop bet with the guys and that sucks because I’ve missed one at every poker outing we’ve had since we instituted them.

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