Been Busy

I’ve been busy lately. I bought and finished BioShock already. Now I’m playing Team Fortress 2 which is excellent. If you haven’t seen the videos of it check them out, they are funny and I love the graphics style. They also kept a lot of the things that made the original Team Fortress so fun.

I’m also playing quite a bit of poker. The new house is pretty close to Garden City Casino and I feel like I can win at any except the very biggest game there which is a 40/80 limit game. My favorite games are the 20/40 limit and the 5-200 spread limit. The spread limit game is odd for non-regulars. It’s a $3 small blind, $5 big blind, and any raise can be a maximum of $200. So there are pots of $600 regularly. One bad thing about it is that the maximum buyin is $200, so if you bet $20 and get a couple callers then you might have just 1 more bet or 1 raise before you’re all in. That takes away some of the postflop fun and a player who hasn’t won a pot feels short stacked. I can see the value of a max buyin game, but I wish they’d raise the max buyin to $400.

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