Live from Aruba

We’re in Aruba this week because I won a seat at the Aruba Classic. We flew in yesterday on a trip that took more than 12 hours. So far, it has been excellent. The kids were really well behaved on the trip.

Aruba is a nice touristy town. Hot and humid of course. The beaches are clean and not too crowded. Prices are high, but English and USD are pretty much everywhere. There’s a lot of American restaurant chains, McDonalds, Wendy’s, TGIF, Tony Roma’s, Sbarros, Hooters. We ate at one of the the hotel’s restaurants having a decent prime rib buffet dinner.

Ultimate Bet and the Radisson have really gone all out. UB has a pretty big staff on hand and they reserved the whole hotel. The UB branding is everywhere. We got a nice bag of schwag which includes a decent bag, 2 shirts, a deck of UB cards, a silkscreened wrap. In addition to that bag, I got a second pretty nice shoulder bag because I’m a VIP online.

The tournament starts on Monday at noon(local time is EST), but I don’t play until noon on Tuesday, because the whole family is here I won’t be playing cards much until Tuesday. I’ll try to get an hour or two of poker in after they go to sleep. I played a bit last night. At the end of the night I overheard them at the 5/10 plo table next to me explaining to a player that he had to play exactly two cards. Obviously I was in the wrong game. Results for last night: 2 hours at 2/5 cash nlhe +$50.

I’ll try to twitter results too when the tournament starts.

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