What kids learn

Lucas has shown some interesting things lately. For one, he’s learned to lie. 6 months or a year ago, he didn’t know what it was. You could ask him if he did something bad, and he’d tell you. Now when he does something bad, and we call him out on it, he is able to lie to try and get out of it. He doesn’t do it all the time, but I am pretty sure he understands that he’s lying.

Also there’s been a change in how he solves problems. We are doing the same simple jigsaw puzzle we did a year ago, it’s got about 50 big pieces or so. We’ve done the puzzle dozens of times. When we did it a year ago, he’d memorize the picture on a piece and be able to put it exactly where it went. It was impressive, he’d do a better job than I would much of the time. Now he solves the puzzle algorithmically the way I do. He analyzes a piece and searches for neighbors, unfortunately it’s quite a bit slower than his old methodology, but at least it doesn’t require repetition to get better.

Lucas is starting to learn to read, but hasn’t gotten too far yet. He’s probably average or a bit ahead for his age, but I would like him to overachieve a little more.

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