Vacation in San Diego

We spent a few days in San Diego last week for Lucas’ birthday. We visited Legoland and Sea-Life(the aquarium next door) and the San Diego zoo. Overall, Legoland was enjoyable for 3-6 year olds, the rides were innocuous and unexciting. There weren’t quite as many actual Legos as I thought there would be. The time of year and the previous week of hard rain had scared away all the crowds, so we had to wait just once more than 15 minutes for a ride. SeaLife was mediocre, it was clearly just an afterthought added on to Legoland. It was probably only worth 2 hours of entertainment. The world famous San Diego Zoo was impressive, but not quite as impressive as I had imagined. It’s bigger and better than the SF zoo, but not amazingly better. Though we didn’t go out on the Safari adventure, just the main Zoo. We stayed at the Grand Pacific Palisades Resort and had very nice rooms for a very good price, probably a combination of the time of year and the economy. They have nice rooms, a big pool and mini-waterpark for kids. We also had a good experience with food. We enjoyed Gregorios, Karl Strauss, and Bistro West. Overall it was all very nice. I’d definitely go back.

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