WSOP Day 1

I played in the $1500 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or better WSOP today. Event #41. It’s a 3 day event, I survived day 1 with a slightly below average stack. About 170 players remain, 82 places pay, payouts range from $240k for first to $3k for 82nd.

I’m in pretty good shape. Some key hands.

In one of the early rounds, several players limp, so I limp in late position with Ad Kd 5d 4c. We see a flop of Ac 3d 7d. Player right in front of me bets most of the pot, I call, small blind calls. turn is an offsuit K, giving me nut flush draw, open ended straight draw, top two pair, 3rd nut low. Now it’s checked to me, so I bet the pot, and the small blinds raises me and we get all in. He turns over J332 for just a small set and I have a huge number of outs to scoop him, but he dodges them all and takes half.

After the dinner break, I’m getting a bunch of good hands, I run my stack up from 8k to over 14k, then this hand happens. At 200-400 blinds, I have Ac Th 9h 2s and it’s folded to me on the button. I raise the pot to 1400, then the small blind reraises the pot. It’s about 1/3 of my stack. I should probably fold, but I call. The flop is K64, he bets out the pot and I fold. He later claims he had AA2x

Near the end of level 7 I think, several players limp into a hand. I am somewhat short stacked and have KJ63 in the big blind and check. flop is K85, two diamonds and it gets checked around. The turn is an offsuit J and the small blind checks, so I bet the pot with my top two pair. Button calls and small blind calls. The river is an offsuit 2, and now the small blind bets out the pot. I somewhat grudgingly call all in. Happily, the button also calls. small blind has just A3 for nut low and button has AK53 for nut low and two worse pair than me. So I get half of a 3 way all in pot, to bring my stack back up to just under average.

Near the end of level 9, I win a decent sized pot when me and a guy get all in on an K75 board and he has AA29 and I have AA5x but I make trips to scoop.

All in all, I’m playing well, but I’ll probably be loosening up to start to make more progress and accumulate more chips. I definitely feel like I’m in the top 1/3 of the players at my tables.

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