Tipping psychology

After eating out tonight, I saw a new type of ploy. The credit card bill slip had the total price $22.50 bill and also presented the following helpful tipping numbers numbers 15% = $3.38. 20% = $4.50.  25% = $5.63. I consider myself a generous tipper with a pretty standard 20%. I don’t know of anyone who ever consistently tips 25%. Now it’s true that they probably don’t expect they anyone to pay 25%, but the elimination of the 10% must help people gravitate toward the middle 20%. It worked on me, I was more conscious to make it closer to 20%, but the ploy made me forget that I’d used a $2.50 off coupon and so I didn’t tip on the full retail amount like I usually do.  I wonder how much of a difference it’s made since they started doing it. I’d wager a wild guess and say it increased tipping by 3%.

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