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the new wp version

After a lot of frustration with in particular their disabling of remote ftp support), I’ve moved to wordpress. I’ll be updating this and making changes soon

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Stupid beta software

The new beta blogger has some issues. It sucks in new and pretty extraordinary ways. I can’t seem to repost my entire blog with all the tags I just added. And the documentation isn’t very great, but I’m willing to ignore that part for now. As a beta user, I expect this sort of thing, but it’s still pretty disappointing. I hope it improves, otherwise I’ll continue to be sad. I’m pretty lazy and also kind of locked into, so it’ll take some more annoyances for me to actually switch software, but my annoyance level is already kind of high.

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Blogger upgrade

Well I finally signed up for the new upgraded beta. They have some new features that I’ve been asking for, tagging is the big one. Google always calls them labels, but everyone else calls them tags. You’ll notice my last post was tagged with “UM” and “College Football”, I’ll be tagging my posts from now on, but I’m not sure if I have the motivation required to go back and tag all my old posts. It’d probably make the site more useful so if it’s easy I ‘ll go back and do it.

The other major features are easier, better tools for changing layouts and permissions so that you can specify users who can view your blog. These aren’t really much good for me, so I’m not too excited about anything besides the tagging features.

All in all, the changes are nice, but it sure has taken them a long time.

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