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Valve’s Portal is amazing. I’ve just finished it, and even though it’s short(I finished it in about 10 hours), it’s well worth the $20 it would cost to buy it standalone(I bought the whole Orange Box).

The developer commentary is interesting to anyone who has ever had an interest in designing a game, puzzle, or 3d animation. It gives insight into why they design things the way they do.

There are also a few nice additions to give it some replay value. There are bonus maps or you can do challenges where you replay levels but try to minimize the number of portals, number of steps, or amount of time taken.

Overall I’m very pleased with the game. Give it a 9/10.

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Been Busy

I’ve been busy lately. I bought and finished BioShock already. Now I’m playing Team Fortress 2 which is excellent. If you haven’t seen the videos of it check them out, they are funny and I love the graphics style. They also kept a lot of the things that made the original Team Fortress so fun.

I’m also playing quite a bit of poker. The new house is pretty close to Garden City Casino and I feel like I can win at any except the very biggest game there which is a 40/80 limit game. My favorite games are the 20/40 limit and the 5-200 spread limit. The spread limit game is odd for non-regulars. It’s a $3 small blind, $5 big blind, and any raise can be a maximum of $200. So there are pots of $600 regularly. One bad thing about it is that the maximum buyin is $200, so if you bet $20 and get a couple callers then you might have just 1 more bet or 1 raise before you’re all in. That takes away some of the postflop fun and a player who hasn’t won a pot feels short stacked. I can see the value of a max buyin game, but I wish they’d raise the max buyin to $400.

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New Gaming Headphones

I’ve been looking for a new PC sound solution for a while because my Cambridge Soundworks 5.1 PC system is a piece of crap. The sound is mediocre, the cabling runs everywhere and it’s lost one of its channels. I was leaning towards headphones because you get better quality for the money and more importantly Tracy and baby go to sleep pretty early and I stay up very late sometimes and I don’t want to bother them.

So a friend recommended a pair of these Steelsound 5H v2 headphones and I’m happy with them after one night. They are comfortable, provide good sound and weren’t too expensive. In my younger days, I was a bit more of an audiophile, but now I’m satisfied by just reasonably good sound as long as I can get good stereo effects while playing games. There’s a mic of course too, but I don’t really have any occasion to use it because I hate talking into games even though most games support voice chat these days.

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to use my onboard sound card or I should use their built in USB sound processor, but I’m too lazy to switch to USB and I sort of doubt I’ll notice a difference anyways.

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In a bit of nostalgia, I started playing Warcraft3 again. I still pwn at it. I’m not a top player, but I can beat all the n00bs out there, and there are a lot.

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