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Rise of the Machines

Two robot thoughts:

I really liked what I saw from the pilot of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. I like Summer Glau(of Firefly fame) who is the only person on the cast I recognize. They pulled a lot of bits from both Terminator and T2(and thankfully they ignored all of T3). I like how they brought back Miles Dyson’s family. I really like how they tried to recreate some of the moments from the original movies(though I could have done without the obligatory “Come with me if you want to live” bit). The action sequences were pretty good. Although I’m not sure that the new bad guy terminator has to grimace in every single scene, I prefer T2′s Robert Patrick with his steely visage rather than the angry new guy. If the rest of the series is as good as this episode, I’ll be very happy with it.

On an impulse at Costco the other day I bought a Roomba 550. I’m not super happy with it. I think the concepts are fine and it is pretty fun to watch in action, but in terms of actual cleaning power, it leaves something to be desired. Our floor plan is open but it has to navigate some furniture, and it does a mediocre job of handling it. And the areas it does cover aren’t done that great either. I’m probably going to return it, but I’ll give it a couple more tries.

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BSG 3.3

Finally Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica has gotten good. Last night’s episode was the best of the year. It wasn’t the best episode from a storyline point of view, but the action was excellent. The Starbuck segments were again particularly good.

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Fall TV roundup

We’ve added a couple of new shows to the Tivo, we’ll see how long they last. Heroes, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, and Six Degrees have caught my attention so far.

Being a West Wing fan, it’s not a surprise that I like Aaron Sorkin’s latest creation Studio 60. I liked The West Wing better, but maybe this will grow on me.

Also Battlestar’s season premiere wasn’t quite as good as I wanted, but it was good. The Starbuck bits were great. The scenes about the Resistance were fine, I wasn’t that thrilled with the disagreements between the Cylons. I was amused that they made Apollo go soft.

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Excellent demo

I’ve rarely seen a game demo this cool. I was already going to buy HL2: episode 2, but having Portal and TF2 just makes it an even sweeter deal.

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How to Get the Guy

Tracy’s got a friend who’s going to be on a reality dating show. It’s called “How to Get the Guy” and it’s going to premiere June 12 on ABC at 8pm I think. Tracy worked with Michelle at one of her old firms. I’ve already seen a couple different ads for it, one where Michelle is labeled “The Perfectionist” and another one where she’s labeled “The Career Girl”. I think it’s a 6 episode series. If you’re bored Tivo it and tell me what you think.

It looks like 5-6 girls all competing for one guy. I always found it odd for dating shows to try and get people to compete against each other to date one person. I suppose it makes for exciting drama with the cat fights and all, but it seems tough to get a lasting relationship out of the whole thing(I am guessing the success rate for long term relationships is pretty low). Not that the studios should/would care about that, although I guess they could cash in if there was a wedding.

Anyways, if anyone needs a date, Michelle might still be available.

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